YoniTone is a movement, yoga, sound and breath workout for women to build dynamic strength throughout the core, pelvic floor and entire body.


A woman’s center of gravity and creativity is her pelvis—the hub of her wheel.  When turned on, it is a powerhouse of energy. A lot of activity moves through a woman’s hub throughout her lifetime—menstruation, intercourse, pregnancy, birth, menopause, and more. There is a huge opportunity here to process all of this activity and turn it into productive energy.  Otherwise, you leave it partially digested and heavy. When there is a blockage in a woman's pelvis—either loss of sensation and strength, or pain and discomfort—energy cannot flow freely through her whole system because of the disconnect at her center.   

Physical and emotional issues can show up such as depression, anxiety, back pain, pelvic pain, sciatica, prolapse, incontinence, painful intercourse and lowered libido. 

YoniTone starts at the very center of our bodies with subtle sensing exercises and breathwork to first oxygenate, turn on and heighten our awareness of the pelvis, core and pelvic floor.  We then go into stronger breathwork and yogic and spiraling movements that help to physically strengthen the pelvic floor and core muscles.  Once strength and sensing are established, we integrate it with larger physical, everyday movements that build your whole body strength and function.  Move through your everyday life from the integrity of your center. Work your core and pelvic floor while going about your everyday activities.


Key Elements of YoniTone

  • Pelvic floor awareness, sensing, strengthening, toning and softening
  •  Vaginal and cervical release of stress, over-tightening, knots, numbness and emotional holding
  •  Deep abdominal muscle awareness, function, activation, integration and strengthening

Benefits of YoniTone

  • Have more sustained and higher energy
  • Relieve back, shoulder and neck pain
  • Improve incontinence
  • Reawaken sexual pleasure
  • Potentially shorten your childbirth labor with decreased chances of interventions
  • Create the possibility for pleasure during labor and delivery
  • Lower risk of postpartum depression
  • Improve or heal diastasis recti (separation and weakening of abdominal wall)

I am a Yoga Alliance prenatal and hatha yoga teacher, birth doula, bodyworker and pelvic floor specialist. 

I created YoniTone because after years of exploring movement, dance, yoga and fitness classes, I found that the key element being left out, though hinted at, was the untapped power in our pelvis, namely our yonis or vaginas.  As I started working with pregnant women and assisting them through labor, I also saw that a pelvis that is unattended or overworked can be the root of a lot of problems.  Because birth is usually the peak activity in a woman’s pelvis, I put together a program for moms and moms-to-be.  I also saw how valuable this work is for any woman, no matter what stage of life she’s in— its confidence and strength building.  Whether you're 18 or 80, strength and confidence is always a key ingredient for living YOU to your fullest.  I look forward to supporting you to your next level of vitality!  See you in class!  


Schedule of classes

18th Street Arts Center Continuum Studio #7 1629 18th Street, Santa Monica, CA 90404


YoniTone For Women (Includes Pregnancy & Postpartum)

  • Thursdays 10:30am-12pm (Babies Welcome!)
  • First Saturdays 11:30-1pm

    Cost: $20 per class

Yonitone For Labor Prep And Healthy Pregnancy

  • First Saturdays 9-11am

    Cost: $40 per class



Get the support you need with personalized YoniTone sessions in the privacy of your own home, remotely online or at Berlin Wellness Group office in Beverly Hills. 

I recommend private sessions if

  • you are recovering from a cesarian birth
  • you have acute pain 
  • you have a specific condition you are working with that requires personalized attention

Sessions include

  • Physical evaluation: diastasis recti (separation of abdominals in postpartum), posture alignment, tension and weakness patterns
  • Hands on guidance: bodywork adjustments, craniosacral therapy
  • Exercises specific for your goals in session and homework exercises
  • Progress and accountability tracking
  • Phone/email support in between sessions  

I look forward to working with you and supporting you on your journey towards greater health!  

What to Expect in a Private YoniTone Session

Sessions are 60 minutes long.  I recommend weekly sessions for optimal results

During Your First Session

I evaluate your current core strength by looking at your posture in walking and standing and take you through a series of basic exercises. This will also help us establish your baseline to be able to track your progress throughout your program.  If you’ve given birth in your lifetime, I check you for diastasis recti. We discuss your history relevant to your body and pelvis and any issues and pain that are current or recurring.  Working together, we will formulate your goal(s) and create a customized program that works with your lifestyle.  

During Your Program

Sessions include physical practices coupled with guided visualization, hands on support, and craniosacral therapy.  The practices are either deeply internal (cervix, pelvic floor) or more external (abdominals and larger functional movements).  Any one session could include both internal and external or focus on only one, depending on what is needed for you.  You will be able to integrate both internal and external practices over the course of your complete program.  This integration will be key to living from your pelvic core in your everyday movements and life.


What people are saying...

Priya’s got a rare and extremely needed skill-set that every woman who has given birth should know about!!!! She’s teaching me how to rebuild the strength of my core after giving birth. I’ve done all kinds of exercise and gotten tons of bodywork but none of it seemed to give me that sense of core strength that I experienced before going through a pregnancy and birth. She explained to me that the muscles needed for core strength after birth are really different than the ones that we use before. Who knew? Priya uses breath techniques and really simple, but effective physical exercises that target all the right muscles. She’s amazing.
— Syndee Stein, Founder of Deeper Ground, Mother and Wife. Woodland Hills, California
Priya Campbell is a must for all postpartum moms. Through simple breathing and meditative techniques she is able to reconnect you with muscles in your pelvic floor and core. Pregnancy and birth are traumatic and I had no idea that any of my muscles had not reengaged properly until I hurt my hip on a flight. I was doing private Pilates 3 times a week and walking several miles a day. I thought all my postpartum worries were behind me since I had lost my baby weight and was back to my old routine. I tried to powering through the pain of my hip and ultimately it became debilitating and impacted my whole body. Everything was painful and completely out of alignment. I went to Dr. Berlin for an adjustment and he suggested I work with Priya to strengthen and rebuild my foundation.

Priya is amazing to work with, she is so approachable and free. Her comfort in her own body makes it easy to broach subjects that are otherwise taboo. Her professionalism, knowledge and compassion allowed me to immediately trust her and follow her advice complicity. Her approach is to rebuild the foundation by strengthening the pelvic floor and core first before jumping back into your regular routine.

The most amazing part of our work together was watching my OB/GYN’s face at my 9 month postpartum check up. She was blown away by the condition of my pelvic floor. The tone of the 9 month appointment was completely different than the 3 month check up where there was discussion of how women often need surgery for organ prolapse, etc. to what I have been doing to achieve these results. I was proud to share with her the work I had done with Priya.
— Lauren Quinn